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The woman said the delivery driver complained that she wasn’t disabled and criticised her for not picking up the takeaway order herself after dropping off the order

When you’re in an unfamiliar place, and you don’t fancy going out for dinner, a takeaway is often on the cards.

In times of need, there’s nothing nicer than having your food delivered.

Especially after a long day, when you just fancy relaxing and can’t be bothered to faff about in the kitchen.

But one woman was left fuming after her delivery driver criticised her for not picking up the order – as the venue was just three minutes away.

The woman, and her sister, say they had no idea the venue was so close – and were shocked after the driver gave them a barrage of abuse at the door.

Describing the incident on Reddit, she wrote: “As soon as I opened the door she stared and said: ‘Are you serious? I thought you would be handicapped or something.’

“I only said: ‘What?!’. She handed me the food and said ‘I hate these lazy people who can’t even get off the couch” and left.

The sisters had been visiting their mum who has been moved to a new town – so they stayed in a nearby B&B.

They decided to order a takeaway while their mum enjoyed dinner with a friend – but they were left fuming at the “rude” driver and didn’t tip her.

Understandably, lots of people shared their outrage towards the woman – and pointed out that a lot of disabilities are hard to see at first glance, meaning she had no idea what she was talking about.

One Redditor said: “One would think delivery drivers would prefer to deliver to closer addresses. Who gets annoyed when the address is close by? “Oh no!! I didn’t have to waste tons of petrol!!”

“Whatever is going on in the delivery person’s life, it doesn’t give her an excuse to be rude to you. What she said was completely uncalled for and downright nasty,” added another.

One former delivery driver said they actually enjoyed those short trips, commenting: “When I was a delivery driver those were the best deliveries because if you just do your job you can make the whole trip and a short fare in like, 2 minutes tops.

“She was being rude.”

“If the delivery person really needed the money; they wouldn’t have expressed oddly personal contempt for their customer.” argued another.