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A hairdresser has gone viral online after showing the before and after transformation of a little girl’s hair when her dad brought her to the salon with giant knots he couldn’t untangle

Having long hair is great and it can look fabulous, but keeping it maintained can be a bit of a faff.

You have to use loads of products, it takes longer to wash and dry and don’t even get me started on the tangles.

Keeping your hair knot-free as an adult can be tough, but when it comes to children it’s pretty much a nightmare, as one parent recently found out.

A dad is said to have spent four whole days attempting to comb some huge knots out of his young daughter’s hair, with no luck.

Eventually, the unnamed man was forced to admit defeat and headed to his local salon to ask for some professional help.

He took his daughter to the hair salon, I AM STYLED in Adelaide, Australia.

There, a hairdresser, named Ally, attempted to work her magic on the child’s head, but even the expert found the knots pretty unmanageable.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, viewers can see how she spends ages attempting to comb through the girl’s hair.

Ally successfully manages to get one giant knot out at the back of her head, but the others soon prove too much and the hairdresser ends up reaching for the scissors.

By the end of the video, the child’s hair is looking so much better and the before and after results are jaw-dropping.

The video of the transformation has gone viral, being watched more than 10 million times and garnering over 972,000 likes.

Thousands also commented on the post, with many concerned for the daughter’s wellbeing.

One said: “Combing the hair daily should prevent that.”

Another proclaimed: “This is neglect. I have three girls and have always brushed their hair when they were this little. Their hair NEVER looked like this.”

Someone else asked: “Not trying to judge but how does this happen? I legit brush my daughter’s hair at least once a day.”

However others thought it was a simple accident, with a different user adding: “My daughter’s hair does this every day. Her hair is so thin and stringy. Her moving in her sleep causes the nests.”