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Great Jamaicans start to shift their sport out of Flo-Jo’s shadow

Minutes before the start of the women’s 100m final, the most keenly anticipated race at these Games, the lights fell and that familiar hush settled over the stadium. A helicopter

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Where you live may affect your long term survival after heart attack

A study of more than 31,000 Kaiser Permanente members in Southern California showed that Black patients from disadvantaged neighborhoods were significantly more likely to die within 5 years of surviving

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U.S. state officials urge support for landmark $26 bln opioid settlement

A group of state attorneys general unveiled on Wednesday a landmark $26 billion settlement with large drug companies for allegedly fueling the deadly nationwide opioid epidemic, but the deal still

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How to use transitions to make your TikTok videos more interesting

If you’re a TikTok creator, then you know how quickly those minutes of video can fly by. One of the ways you can move storytelling along is by using transitions

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Woman fumes after driver dubs her “lazy” for ordering takeaway from nearby restaurant

The woman said the delivery driver complained that she wasn’t disabled and criticised her for not picking up the takeaway order herself after dropping off the order When you’re in

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