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Eclipse Plugin
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New: Eclipse plugin released.

You can now download an Eclipse plugin to view javadocs for your favorite API available through Javaref right in your Eclipse IDE. Download the plugin here.

Containers vs Virtual Machines
Training and consulting services promotion

Businesses providing training and consulting services around popular frameworks can now advertise their services in the javadoc pages. See an example of a sponsored framework page for the Struts lirary: Library, Package and Class (see "Services" tab for package and class).

  • Wiki javadoc entries for packages, classes and methods.
  • AJAX auto-complete for package, class, method search.
  • Fine tune search to your favorite APIs.
  • Easily navigate class members with a floating navigator window.
  • Source code linked to methods.
  • Lookup derived classes across APIs.
  • Lookup class usage across APIs.
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