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Dad Connor Robertson has sparked an interesting debate over whether it’s acceptable to let your kids swear – after admitting his son’s first word will probably be ‘f***’

Everyone has – and is entitled to – their own personal views on parenting, and how it should be done.

But, while you might think that some parental rules are universal, such as “no swearing,” it turns out you’d be sorely mistaken.

In fact, one dad has sparked an interesting debate on whether kids should or shouldn’t be banned from using curse words, after confessing he thinks his child’s first word will most likely be “f***,” and he certainly won’t be told off for it.

Connor Robertson made the confession when responding to a call out for “unpopular opinions” when it comes to parenting techniques on TikTok.

“My kid will be allowed to swear, I do not care how old he is and I don’t care if it upsets you or your children,” he admitted in a clip.

“He is more than likely going to grow up to be an adult who swears so might as well let him practice while he can.”

In fact, Connor and his wife actually expect their son to cuss from an early age, given how much they do it themselves in his company.

“My wife and I actually have a bet over whether his first words are going to be ‘f***’ or ‘I love you’ because those are the most popular words in our household,” he continued.

And, while it might at first seem like a controversial rule, many commented in agreement – however they were quick to point out that cuss words should not be used in anger towards others.

“My rule on cuss words was there’s a time and a place around others, and they could not be used in anger towards someone else,” to which Connor replied: “Oh, I like this! Can I borrow this rule?”

Another added: “My dad’s rule with cursing was: ‘There are no bad words, unless you’re using them to hurt someone,’ which I love. I swear plenty, just not AT people.”

While on the subject of unpopular parenting opinions, Connor went on to say that he and his wife will teach their son the proper anatomy names for genitalia, and again he “doesn’t care if that makes you or your children uncomfortable.”

Lastly, he said they will not be gendering any toys, meaning if their son wants to play with something, he can play with it – whether that’s a Barbie doll, a football or anything else traditionally associated with being specifically for girls or specifically for boys.