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One mum grew so fed up of her husband and children constantly interrupting her work meetings in her home office that she felt forced to completely lock them out

Since the start of the pandemic, it’s no secret that millions of us have been forced to change the way we work.

Setting up home offices and working from the comfort of the spare bedroom, or even the dining room, has become common practice – so why do people still have such a hard time realising that even though we’re at home we’re still working?

Sadly, it happens all the time, and one mum has been forced to take extreme measures, after her family continuously stepped over her boundaries while she tried to work from home.

“My husband is currently unemployed but I recently started working from home in my office for five hours a week. Thing is my husband would constantly barge in to my office and interrupt my work over simple requests he could get done himself,” the mum-of-two explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

The woman went on to say that most of her work consists of group meetings to discuss projects, which means she regularly has colleagues in her office – but that doesn’t stop her hubby and kids from bursting in over the slightest inconvenience.

She said her husband regularly comes in making tedious requests, such as, “can you help fix my phone? Or can you help get the kids ready while I have a shower?”

“I’ve talked to him about how this has been impacting my work, I already handle the chores when I’m not working so I think five hours of work should be respected. He’d apologise and say he didn’t know then do it again and say it was spontaneous,” the mum continued.

“Two days ago, I had and important meeting and he barged in, interrupted my meeting asking me to fix his tie because he was going out later. It was horrible in front of my colleagues and superiors.”

So, in response to her family’s behaviour, the mum went out and bought a lock, before installing it on her office door, meaning no husband or child would be able to get in without a key.

“When my husband got home in the evening and saw it he looked absolutely shocked. He asked what was the lock for and I replied that because of him interrupting my work sessions this was my only way,” she said.

Her husband then sent their kids to their rooms and started shouting at her, saying, “I can’t believe you wanna act like the kids and I are not even here and lock us out like that.”

The mum continued: “I argued that I didn’t appreciate how disrespected my boundaries and thought the lock is the solution after I’ve exhausted all options.

“He pitched a fit saying the lock is not a good solution and expressed how hurt he was feeling, adding ‘imagine how the kids are going to feel when they see it.'”

The husband has since insisted that removing the lock is the only solution, which prompted the mum to turn to Reddit for impartial advice.

One Reddit user suggest that in response to her husband saying, “you wanna act like the kids and I aren’t here,” she should’ve said: “Yes. I want to pretend like I’m away from home in an office while I work, and I’d like for you all to pretend the same.”

“You are working from home. It’s not mommy time, it’s not fix the sink time, it’s working time. He needs to get his head around it and respect that,” another added.

“That being said, some people have a hard time with the WFH concept, simply can’t get their heads around it that it’s work time, even if you’re sitting in your own home. He sounds like one of them.

“Have you tried putting it this way: ‘Husband, would you drive one hour to my work place and ask me to fix your tie? Would you send the kids by bus to my office to have me comb their? This is my office, these are my working hours, and it doesn’t matter if I have to drive to an office building or walk across the hall in our house, I’m working.'”